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Raiding news
18/03/2009 03:25 PM by Loki.

Hello gang,

As you all know we have been running progression raids over the last few weeks and i thought it best to inform everyone how its going. In two words FUCKING GOOD. last week we put all the bosses down, clearing each wing in under 30mins. Downing sapp in the first attempt and the big guy in a few more :P

Over all you can expect to see much more progression with us aiming this week to clear Naxx in a single night and on sunday an attempt on MAG, which will challange all of us.

Its nice to see the patriots where they should be and thats raiding with the big boys and this week put us back in the running so a big GZ to all on an outstanding week of raiding.


CLICK THE HQ BUTTON FOR BETTER QUALITY, also the music is a little buggerd but its the first one so dont complain.


None yet.

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