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03/12/2008 01:03 AM by Loki.

With the coming of wrath the patriots has had to say goodbye to a number of members for a number of reasons. But still fighting strong we have been getting a good influx of new members and we are all super excited with the new expansion and all its wonders. The guild is progressing well with many members leveling there 2nd or 3rd char to 80. So now begins the task of gearing and preparing for RAIDING which will hopefully be starting after x-mass.

We are going to be heavily recruiting soon so watch this space for news on the plan of action!!!!

On a lighter side, the guild is currently destroying instances i mean WTF who thought wrath was going to be on the retard setting, makes all them instances in BC seem like quantum mechanics..... OH and btw some of you peeps need to L2PARTY i mean how did some of go up 5 levels in the weekend. *cough* get a GF.

thats all from me kids,

löki :P

/flex ooooooooooooooooooh yeah


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